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On the way back once again to university, she experienced the newest Dying Eaters raid the fresh Hogwarts Share, trying Harry Potter

On the way back once again to university, she experienced the newest Dying Eaters raid the fresh Hogwarts Share <a href="">lds applications de rencontre reddit</a>, trying Harry Potter

Repeat season

Due to the fact that she invested six months inside the healthcare going through the lady curse, Katie returned to Hogwarts for the 1997-1998 college year to repeat this lady 7th year. [23]

When you look at the 1998, at the height of your 2nd Wizarding War, Katie, being of age, battled regarding the Battle out-of Hogwarts up against Lord Voldemort along with his armed forces out of Passing People. Katie reunited with Oliver, Alicia, and you can Angelina in the Hogwarts. Inside earliest stage of the competition, she try seen assaulting close to Aberforth Dumbledore, Seamus Finnigan, and you will Leanne. [24]

The fight is actually called to a stop whenever Voldemort requested you to definitely Harry Potter surrender and you may started to your in the Taboo Forest, if not he’d go into the battle and you can damage all the defenders out-of Hogwarts. Harry surrendered and inserted the latest tree, in which Voldemort relatively murdered him with the Destroying Curse. [25] But not, Harry live, as Voldemort had merely murdered the newest Horcrux to the Harry. On final stage of the competition, Harry sooner or later endured out from the group and encountered Voldemort one-on-one to, and you may beaten him inside a final duel, killing your once and for all. [26]

After the battle she is actually viewed resting that have Cho, Padma Patil, and you may Leanne, probably pleased that the conflict are in the long run over and you may Lord Voldemort is actually inactive and went permanently. [27] Katie in the course of time live another Wizarding Conflict.

Character and you will qualities

Katie is an informal individual that are very interested in Quidditch. She was also form and smooth. Harry Potter after indexed, you to definitely off the Quidditch slope she would not hurt a travel. She had a sense off equity, accepting that Harry earned the new name out of Quidditch Chief over herself no resentment. She together with recommended him to not instantly render her a location into cluster without very first experimenting with, as their is top individuals than the woman. In addition, she disliked people that had a sheer-bloodstream fixation. Katie believed that there are no differences between absolute-bloods and you will Muggle-borns, due to the fact she became such as for instance mad when Malfoy called Hermione Granger an excellent “Mudblood”, showing the lady becoming most open-minded of individuals of various bloodstream statuses.

Katie was also fearless and you will calculated, since she is actually arranged toward Gryffindor home and you can is a member regarding Dumbledore’s Military, to help you contradict Dolores Umbridge. She in addition to bravely battled near to other D.A great. players inside Competition away from Hogwarts, other individuals Demise Eaters and also finished up enduring the battle, proving her astounding loyalty and you can dedication to shielding the girl college.

Magical performance and you can enjoy

  • Flying: Katie played the positioning from Chaser towards Gryffindor Quidditch people, indicating one to she are an incredibly competent broomstick flyer and you can Quidditch athlete. She as well as knew that a great Quidditch teams you certainly will become damaged due so you can Captains permitting in their members of the family or playing the old confronts, and you can need Harry to not fall under that, proving the woman very strong commitment to success in this field. Not surprisingly she managed to safe the girl spot-on the fresh cluster, indicating that she were an experienced flyer and you may Chaser.
  • Duelling: Katie discovered simple tips to duel at Duelling Bar within her 3rd 12 months. [9] She was also taught certain offensive and you may protective means while you are gonna brand new meetings out-of Dumbledore’s Military, below Harry Potter’s advanced level practise. [17] Katie including a great many other Hogwarts students fought fearlessly in the Battle out of Hogwarts facing Voldemort’s armed forces and you can lasted, [27] appearing their to be an extremely skilled duellist in fact with good skill getting martial secret.
  • Transfiguration: Katie are fluent having transfiguration, a very difficult and complex branch off magic, once the she took the niche at the Letter.Age.W.T.-peak, [22] meaning she need achieved often a keen “Outstanding” otherwise “Is higher than Criterion” within her transfiguration Normal Wizarding Top.

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