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LimeFX Review, Rating and Awards 2022

Alfa Group was founded in 1989 and is one of the largest privately owned financial-LimeFX conglomerates in Russia. At this point, the reliability of Alfa Group is rated A++ by Expert RA, a well-known rating agency. Alfa Forex is a globally recognised broker with 10,000+ clients. This may seem like a small number, but within the year, it quickly adds to a significant amount of gains. Even though Alfa Forex provide you all the tools to make money, they cannot guarantee you will profit.

I have a cumulative sum of one hundred and six thousand Euro equivalent to eight million Croatian kuna lost to these dingbats. I later found out from the international recovery firm that helped repatriate my lost capital and a significant portion of my ROI that I was only shown simulated trades. Timothy Miller played me smooth and I feel really retarded for falling prey to these dubious elements.

Alfa Financials is a forex broker with Metatrader 4 and AX1 Trader as their trading platforms in PC and Mobile version. We are a reliable partner and provide our private and institutional counterparties with a wide range of financial… St. Vincent and the Grenadines is notorious for its practically absent requirements and regulations. Due to the setup cost is low and it does not regulate forex trading. Therefore, it became an offshore zone for shady forex brokers such as Brokerz, TraderUR and more.

  • Alfa Forex has over 30 trading instruments to support all types of traders.
  • Since its beginning in 2011, Alfa Forex has emerged as a leading player in the industry of online brokerage.
  • You can use debit or credit cards Which range from Visa, Diners, and Maestro to MasterCard and Visa Electron.
  • The only reason you want to go with this broker over others is if you have an Alfa bank card in addition, which you will use for deposits and withdrawals.
  • The educational section at Alfa Forex is very insightful for new dealers since it allows them to get a closer look in the financial markets.

This 2021 Alfa Forex review will direct you safely about trading with them. Alfa Forex also features excellent trading conditions which are readily available to just an elite class of institutional customers. The tight spreads and quick executions are a fantastic advantage for the traders. The technology adopted by Alfa Forex is among the maximum caliber, making sure that it is fast, dependable, and efficient. Traders should trade with well-regulated brokers such as UK brokers or brokers in Australia and reliable brokers such as BDSwiss and FBS.

LimeFX Trading Information 2022

It is also the first time I decided it’s time to make a withdrawal, so we will see how that goes. I learn everything with the site’s lessons, which helped me a lot. Live Trading accounts are usually set up within 1 business day, once all the forms are filled and submitted along with the supporting documents. If you make too much profit, then the broker will increases the order execution time of 5100ms, incredible. Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

  • The final grade is given based on Alfa Financial FX broker performance and features.
  • Getting into the area of trading requires expert analyzing skills and comprehensive understanding.
  • They charge fees of varying rates for a variety of services to make money.
  • Alfa Forex is an acclaimed fintech company, which operates with transparency.

Overall our online Alfa Financial review was conducted with the details obtained from the demo trading and the forex brokers website. If you would like to add details to this online Alfa Financial or you find inaccurate details Alfa Financial broker review please get in touch with us and the changes will be applied. Overall our online LimeFX review was conducted with the details obtained from the demo trading and the forex brokers website. If you would like to add details to this online LimeFX or you find inaccurate details LimeFX broker review please get in touch with us and the changes will be applied.

It will require you to fill in details pertaining to the credibility and security of your account. Even so, Alfa Forex doesn’t provide assured stop-loss protection. If you feel that Alfa Forex is not right for you then at the bottom of this Alfa Forex review you wil find a lot of alternatives to Alfa Forex. If you’re a new entrant in the world of trading and broker, so many details will be perplexing for you. Getting into the area of trading requires expert analyzing skills and comprehensive understanding.

Another area of excellence is the brokerages level of customer care and support. LimeFX offers customer support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week via a variety of methods including email and telephone support with call back functionality. As well, traders can browse the extensive support page that comes complete with numerous FAQs and informative articles and content.

Does Alfa Forex accept Payoneer?

Zulutrade failed me, and I lost all 300 dollars in just a few deals. Then I decided to deposit 100 dollars into a regular account, and now, 3 weeks later, I have only 180. Maybe with bigger money it would be worth it, but I don’t feel like trading anymore. Will try to withdraw in a few days and think what’s next from there. Also, trading on the demo account and winning fake money is a lot easier for some reason.

However, sometime in October I fell for a forex scam which promised overly high returns and I ended up losing close to $55,000. I searched for a month for help until I finally came across an article on reddit in regards to recovering stolen cryptocurrency so I reached out to them, Bitcoin Binary Recovery dot com. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the links on here but you can contact if you also need help, all you have to do is look them up on google and send them a text. However, international authorities that regulate Forex industry do not sleep as well, as the company has received complaints from the clients. Therefore, the AlfaTrade company and its subsidiaries added on the list of scam alerts and warnings for soliciting traders without a license.

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LimeFX is a forex broker that specializes in the Metatrader 4 platform. If you need an MT4 broker, than compare this review to some of the other reviewed brokers on our site to give you an idea of which one will suite you best. You should be looking at things like their overall rating voted by us and our users, but also their location, if their regulated, if they allow what you want to do like scalping etc. Also check out their available account types, a broker with a good rating may not have features that you want. The minimum deposit for a live acocunt with Alfa Forex is $0. You should have a good hold over the nuances of online trading before you set out and trade with real money.

LimeFX broker reviews

This deposit is mandatory if you wish to begin trading with Alfa Forex. This 2022 Alfa Forex review will direct you easily about limefx forex brokers reviews trading with them. Our Alfa Forex account review discovered that they’re a reputable choice for online trading solutions.

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Getting into the world of online trading requires expert analytical skills and comprehensive knowledge. You will acquire adept at all the concepts of online trading and brokers as you continue trading. For starters, you have to choose the right online broker who will consistently be transparent with you. Collaboration with LimeFX, a member of Alfa Group, allows you to access all benefits of working with one of the largest financial groups in Europe.

The brokers provide premium customer service that rewards customers with advantages. The educational department at Alfa Forex is very enlightening for new dealers as it allows them to have a closer look at the financial markets. Alfa Forex caters to all types of traders and are a must-have broker for any well-diversified approach to online trading. Broker LimeFX provides clients with a general type of account which implies trading on trading platforms MT4, MT5 or Zulutrade.

LimeFX broker reviews

In general, Alfa Forex does not charge high fees compared to other online brokers. For operations other agents charge for, they do not charge a brokerage fee, or they charge a lesser amount. This is beneficial for those who regularly exchange, for example weekly or daily trading.

They represent multiple advanced trading platforms to cover all trading preferences; ZuluTrade, ACTTrader, MT4, MT5 and Mobile version. This is based purely on our experience with the broker, and how all aspects compare to other brokers. Total user rating is just below, feel free to click on the bar to enter a rating for LimeFX. On September 09.Our rating of LimeFX is scored on the right.

You simply have to finish a single-user profile questionnaire to start depositing money into your trading account. You will have to provide an identity evidence and proof of residency to deposit substantial sums. Even if no fees have been indicated by Alfa Forex, it is best that you close the account if you’re inactive.

It majorly owes this standing to its unbelievable platform and broad selection of tools plus resources so that you can put money into capital markets. In addition, the withdrawn money will be moved directly to the account you use to make deposits. Therefore, if you used a credit card for deposits, then the withdrawn money is going to be sent into the card. Alfa Forex will ask you to provide other withdrawal methods if your details have changed since your deposit. Commissions can be fixed or determined by the traded quantity. On the flip side, a spread refers to the gap between the buying and selling cost.

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